Embodied Healing

The concept of embodiment refers to how present or grounded in our bodies (and how they feel) we are able to be in any given moment.

For those of us living with chronic illness or traumatic stress, being inside our bodies often feels more like a war zone than a safe haven. We might feel overwhelmed and tense on a regular basis or trend more toward feeling numb and shut down, perhaps even dissociated, but regardless of how our experiences show up in our bodies, one thing remains the same: Being “inside ourselves,” with our thoughts, feelings and emotions, feels scary, confusing and painful.

When we feel fully confident in our ability to navigate the worlds both inside and outside of us, our bodies and the feelings and experiences they contain start to feel like home.

Purposefully creating a sense of safety, security and vitality inside ourselves after trauma, illness or crisis can be likened to “returning home'“ and it’s a journey of reclamation.

Of your body, your mind, your soul…your life. 

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"Weakness is a great thing...strength is nothing. When a man is just born, he is weak and flexible. When he dies, he is hard and insensitive. When a tree is growing, it's tender and pliant. But when it's dry and hard, it dies. Hardness and strength are death's companions. Pliancy and weakness are expressions of the freshness of being...what has hardened will never win."//Andrei Tarkovsky

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What Will We Do Together?

Embodied Healing is a mind body connection approach to healing that looks at a person as an integrated whole: mind + body + spirit. Traditional “talk therapy” often focuses on solely on life history and the analysis of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. In contrast, mind body therapy incorporates these same principals, but yet integrates the body. The body holds memories, emotions, and sensations. It can be profoundly impactful to understand the body through the sensations, while allowing space for the nervous system to regulate.

As your practitioner, it is my job to facilitate and support your healing by giving you appropriate skills and resources to feel safe and secure and teaching you how to implement them. 

During our time together, you will learn effective strategies for self-regulation and nervous system soothing, how to re-establish a communicative relationship with your body and emotions, what boundaries you need in place to feel safe and secure, what needs of yours are not being met and how to meet them, which core wounds are playing themselves out over and over again in your life, what kinds of distorted beliefs about yourself are holding you back from thriving and how to increase your ability to be with big energy and emotions in without feeling overwhelmed in order to find the wisdom within them.

Working with me requires a willingness to do hard, deep, but gentle, work. I will not take on clients who are looking for someone to heal them. I offer support, tools, guidance, deep processing work, compassion, empathy and years of research, study and training, but I cannot do the healing for you. This is ultimately a co-created experience wherein my desire for you is to become your own best resource of wisdom, truth, healing and love.

If this work feels like a match for your journey and where you’re hoping to go, you can schedule a consultation below to tell me more about your story. 



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* I am currently not accepting insurance in AZ; however, am able to provide a superbill at the end of our session, which can be submitted to your provider for possible reimbursement. 

I offer a sliding fee scale with patients.  My current fee schedule is:

$150 for Initial Session

$100 for 50 minute Individual Session

$150 for 90 minute Individual Session


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I am a Nevada/Arizona-based Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). I received my BA from Arizona State University and MSW from the University of Nevada, Reno. My experience includes 14 years of clinical experience in a range of settings, including both outpatient and inpatient psychiatric services, acute inpatient hospital services (telemetry, medical & Behavioral Health), disaster mental health (humanitarian work), psychedelic assisted integration therapy and private therapy. 

I specialize in chronic health conditions and complex trauma, which I understand first hand. Chronic medical conditions (i.e. Hashimoto's, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, Lyme disease and Co-Infections,  mast cell activation syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, EDS, Sickle Cell Disease  etc.) often come with significant challenges, like fear, anxiety, medical PTSD, and may interfere with relationships and daily function. It is my experience and belief that chronic illness is often rooted in trauma(s) and stress(es) that cause a chronic stress/fight-or-fight response, not allowing the body to prioritize healing. I utilize various holistic evidence-based treatment modalities and practice-based evidence such as Brainspotting to get to the root, with an added focus on mindfulness techniques, positive psychology, neural retraining and strength’s-based therapy. 

So why therapy?  Well, I believe this quote speaks to such question...

"Therapy will drastically increase the depth and authenticity of your happiness AND it will honor the cathartic beauty of your sadness AND it will make the profoundly necessary space for everything that lives in between" - Emily Anhalt

NV License 7030-C

CA License 101643

AZ License 19216